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USPS Delivery Times

The PO box is a special box or a compartment present in post offices. This helps is preserving and separating the received mail from other mails. This helps you to have a distinguished compartment in the office where your mails and packages are kept. This makes it easy for delivery. Writing the PO box number makes it easy for receipt as well as delivery. Through the website of USPS, you can easily hire a PO box. If you already have one you can renew the PO box through the website. The website has options for the following process-

i) Login– If you have a USPS account you can easily log in and can manage your PO box and make online payments for the PO Box.

ii) sign up -Here you can sign up for a new USPS account.Through this, you can avail a new PO box and make payments for that. You can also make payments for your old PO box. It saves the hustle of visiting the post office. And makes your work with the internet.

iii) Reserve New PO Box -With this option you can reserve a PO box that is available at any near post office. This can be done by making an online payment and take the print out a form. With that take the ID for verification to that particular post office and claim your PO box.









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