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  1. Post added by scarlett nelsonus13 Jul
    www roku com link

    We believe into provide the appropriate solution to all Roku users, so they can easily efface the issue from their device and if you’re one of them who are struggling with... (more)

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    Roku com link

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  3. Post added by scarlett nelsonus13 Jul
    Steps to create and update the Roku Pin for making purchases.

    We need to create a Pin for our Roku account to avoid the unauthorized access to our Roku account. It will prevent the unauthorized purchases from our account as it... (more)

  4. Post added by paajee02 May
    how do I enable the FM receiver on my iPhone 6

    I find it perplexing that Apple didn’t initially include an AM/FM radio in its iPod music players, or in its later Smartphone. Other companies, such as Creative, include... (more)